Home for Good, Grace for All

The potential for the number of people in need of a spiritual home in our defined mission field is impressive. Across the thirteen neighborhoods that currently exist in our area, there are 24,444 homes planned for final build out. We are welcoming new neighbors every day.


When we returned to indoor, in-person worship we experienced an explosion of growth, now averaging ninety-two people per week in person, plus an additional twenty people engaging online. Our children’s ministry is averaging eighteen children per week, and our youth group has doubled in size. We are rapidly outgrowing our current building.


In response to an amazing opportunity, Grace Chapel once again stepped out in faith, opting to purchase ten acres of land just two miles north of Fishtrap Road on FM 1385. A land blessing service was held on November 8, 2020.  We gave thanks to God for this incredible provision.


It is time for the next step.  It is time to build a permanent home for Grace Chapel to continue meeting our neighbors and serve our community.  

I Am Ready to Commit

What can we do with a new 16,000 sq. ft?

  • Seat everyone in the worship space. Increasing our capacity from 109 to 300.
  • Become the hub for the community. Currently, only two groups can use the building at one time. The new building will offer space to engage various community groups like Al-Anon.
  • Give our children and youth room to grow. With access to the preschool wing, our children’s ministry can attend to the diverse needs of children of different ages, and the youth ministry will have access to spaces better equipped to accommodate their needs.
  • Grow our Early Learning Center. The ELC currently serves 43 children in 3 classrooms and often has a waitlist. This will more than double their space.
  • Foster collaboration among the staff.   The new building will have dedicated space for staff as well as a preschool workroom.
  • Improve safety. With more secure spaces, proper storage, better accessibility features and parking, we can improve the experiences of those on our campus.
  • Improve the virtual community’s experience and expand our worship band.
  • Grow a bigger garden and expand our feeding ministries like Power Packs.  The new facility will have expanded preparation and storage space.

Cost and Schedule

Our current building is a tool for ministry, but it is not an adequate tool for our growing ministry. God is once again calling us to faithfulness in a new thing. We have the opportunity to build a new home for Grace Chapel, to gain a more effective tool for ministry. Not a tool that will just be adequate for us now, but one that can serve Grace Chapel and the community at large for years to come.

The budget for this project is

$5.5 million (includes land and building).

We are scheduled to break ground in the first quarter of 2022 and to complete the project within 8-12 months.


How do I make my commitment? 

You will have the opportunity to make your commitment either digitally or with a paper card on Commitment Sunday, December 12, 2021.


How long do I have to complete my commitment? 

This is a 3 year commitment to be paid between January 2022 and December 2024.


Will we receive any funding from our Frisco campus?

Grace Avenue’s Frisco campus will be participating in a Capital Campaign in early 2022.  A portion of the proceeds of that campaign will contribute to Grace Chapel’s building cost.  It will also contribute to debt reduction and a new ministry growth fund. 


Does the cost of this project include furnishings and equipment for the new building?

These are funded separately and will be an additional expense. 


Can I make gifts of stock, real estate, collectibles or other marketable property?
Yes.  There are several creative ways that you can contribute.  We are happy to work with you on this effort.


What is the ACE program?

The Accelerated Church Expansion program is sponsored by the North Texas Conference.  It enables new churches to purchase land as well as their first building more quickly that if they had to raise all of the funding up front.  The program allows churches to pay principal rather than interest until the church eventually takes over the complete payments.