Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

**This page will be updated as frequently as necessary as we continue to receive new information.**

Immediate Information


9am Outdoor Worship in our parking lot!

11am Online Worship:

Pastoral Care

The church office will be closed throughout the pandemic.  
If you have and immediate pastoral need, contact: Pastor Courtney or Pastor Alex.

As always, please remember that the church relies on your generosity for its ministries. We need your help more than ever as we will not be able to collect offerings in person. Online giving is always available HERE.

- Our ELC Preschool is planning to return in the Fall. Contact Laura Krishna at with questions.

What Can I Do?

Care for One Another

-If you need assistance with errands, grocery pick-up, meals, prayers etc, let us know: CLICK HERE
-If you are willing to help with those who need assistance:  CLICK HERE

Care for Our Neighbors
-We are in communication with school districts about how me may be able to assist students who rely on free lunch programs and will keep you informed as we have details. 
-Check on your neighbors and friends.  Now is a time to use the blessing of technology to remain connected.

Preventive Measures
-If you are sick, please stay home.
-WASH YOUR HANDS!  This has been repeatedly communicated as the very best defense that we have to prevent speed.
-Avoid touching your face. 
-Take care of your general health.
-Stay informed.  You can find the most updated information from the CDC and Texas Health and Human Services.

We believe that prayer is powerful and connects us over space and time.  Be in prayer for those who are sick, isolated, or scared. Pray for the peace of wisdom to reach into all of the corners of our community, our nation, and our world.