"What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, but lose their soul?" - Mark 8:36

Everyone is busy. It's one of the few things that almost all of us have in common. Well, that and how we feel about the traffic on 380. At Grace Chapel, we endeavor to provide classes and events where you can deepen your faith, but above all, we strive to create ministries that bring balance, sabbath, and renewal to your hectic life. No matter where you are in your life stage, how many kids you have, or how early you have to leave your house to beat the traffic on your commute, you will find people here who can relate and can be your family. Everyone needs an emotional home, and most of us have recently moved away from our support systems to live in this new area. You are not alone. Welcome home.

Half Truths & Hard Questions

Starting January 19th @8pm on Zoom

4-week class led by Rev. Alex Williams meeting on Tuesdays

This will be a class about false axioms, confusing topics, and some of the most difficult theological questions. Each week we will look at difficult theological questions like why is there evil in the world or what happens when we die? We will also review statements like, “God will never give you more than you can handle,” and discuss why they can be misleading and whether or not they are actually found in scripture.


Life Groups

One of the primary ways the church becomes a community and emotional home for us is through life groups. There is no substitute for spending quality time with people who will love you for who you are, without judgment, and walk with you down the path of discipleship. The goal of Life Groups is to build emotional homes where people grow spiritually and relationally as they intentionally focus on what it means to follow Jesus.

**Some groups are meeting virtually while others have resumed in-person, socially distant meeting. Please contact the group leader for more information about how they are gathering.


    Wednesdays @6:30pm

    Leaders: Chris & Tiffany Hall

    Where: The Hall's House (Union Park)

    Come and recharge with a group of people who are honest about who they are, where they come from, and the real junk that life throws at you. If you're looking for a fun group of people who will accept you for who you are and who love to talk about the complexities of life, this is a group that you will love! You are not alone. Email Tiffany Hall to join!


    2nd & 4th Sundays @noon

    Leader: Lisa Smith

    Location: Grace Chapel

    We can’t control everything, life happens on its own terms. This group tries to foster relationships with family, church, and God so that we have love, support, and a family of faith when life happens. We eat lunch together after the 11am worship service, and then share in a rich discussion of the Bible or a common challenge we all face. Email Lisa Smith to join!

Meet-Up Groups

These groups offer an emotional home to members by connecting them over shared interests, activities, or studies. Some groups meet more regularly than others. Some are exclusively a part of our virtual community, while others offer in-person connections as well. 

  • Morning Prayer  roundedfacebook  

    This group serves our virtual community as a Facebook group that gathers every morning Monday-Friday at 7:30 am to start the day with devotional and prayer. A group leader offers the prayer time via live video in the group. Group members also post prayer requests and updates during the week. Many group members also catch the videos on replay later in the day. Simply CLICK HERE to join; anyone is welcome! Contact Pastor Courtney with questions. 

  • We meet at a member’s home to discuss the book of the month and enjoy each other’s company. Everyone is welcome, members of Grace Chapel, friends, neighbors, or anyone who just enjoys reading!

    CLICK HERE to join!

  • Empty Nesters

    Anyone over 50 is invited to be a part of this group! These couples and singles meet in various locations for dinner or other events. This group does “field trips” on occasion because they like to go do fun things together. Come meet new friends and explore our community together! Life is better when you have a family of faith to share it with. Email Nancy Konecki to join!

  • Race Talk

    Our faith community is committed to resisting evil in whatever form it presents itself – including the form of systemic racism. These monthly gatherings offer a time and space for attendees to consider different ways we can actively resist racism in our communities. Using a variety of resources, we examine where racism presents itself in our community, and consider how we can respond to better love our neighbor. These meetings currently happen virtually through Zoom.

  • Financial Peace University (FPU)

    Planning for the future is hard when you’re still paying for the past! Listen—there’s a better way! sign up for our Financial Peace University class, and we’ll learn how to beat debt and make a plan for the future . . . together!

    We typically offer this class once or twice a year. Our last one was in the Fall of 2019.

    Check back in for the next available class!