"What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, but lose their soul?" - Mark 8:36

Everyone is busy. It's one of the few things that almost all of us have in common. Well, that and how we feel about the traffic on 380. At Grace Chapel, we endeavor to provide classes and events where you can deepen your faith, but above all, we strive to create ministries that bring balance, sabbath, and renewal to your hectic life. No matter where you are in your life stage, how many kids you have, or how early you have to leave your house to beat the traffic on your commute, you will find people here who can relate and can be your family. Everyone needs an emotional home, and most of us have recently moved away from our support systems to live in this new area. You are not alone. Welcome home.

Summer/Fall 2020 Class Schedule


Class #1 - Enneagram & 2020 (Led by Pastor Alex)

2-weeks: Tuesday, August 4th & 11th @8pm (Zoom)

  • The enneagram is a fantastic resource to learn why we are they way we are. There are tons of personality assessments out there, but the enneagram is so great because it analyzes motivation, not just action. In week 1, Pastor Alex will give an overview for those who need a refresher or are new to the enneagram and don't yet know their number. Then in week 2, we will explore how different numbers react to this time of pandemic lockdown and how different numbers might engage differently with the work of anti-racism.

Class #2 - Women in the Church (Led by Pastor Courtney)

5-weeks: Tuesdays, August 18 - September 15 @7pm (Zoom)

  • Women have always had roles of leadership in our faith tradition, however they are often overlooked or not talked about in depth. In this short bible study series, we will spend five weeks considering the stories of faithful women contained in our scriptures and explore the impact these women have had in the Church since its birth in the first century. Our hope is to come away not only more knowledgeable about the women written about in our faith stories, but also inspired to share their stories more broadly and freely.
  • Week One - Women of the Old Testament
  • Week Two - Women of the Gospels
  • Week Three - Women of Paul’s Letters
  • Week Four - Women of the Deutero-Pauline Tradition
  • Week Five - Women in the History of the UMC

Class #3 - Faith & Politics (Led by Pastor Alex)

2-weeks: Tuesday, September 22nd & 29th @8pm (Zoom)

  • In November we will elect 435 House Representatives, 34 Senators, and a President, not to mention the number of local elections that will happen all across our country. It seems that we are more divided and angry than at any point since the Civil War. We know that our faith is supposed to inform how we vote, but we also have separation of church and state. So let's talk.
  • Week 1: How Should our Faith Inform our Politics? Does being a Christian mean there are certain positions you are required to hold? How does your faith inform your politics? How do people draw conflicting political beliefs from the same religion and the same Bible? Who's right?
  • Week 2: The Church’s Place in Politics. What does “Christianity” mean in the political sphere? What has the church’s role in politics been in the past, and what should the church’s role be now and in the future?


Life Groups

One of the primary ways that the church becomes a community and an emotional home for us is through life groups. There is no substitute for spending quality time with people who will love you for who you are, without judgment, and walk with you down the path of discipleship. The goal of Life Groups is to build emotional homes where people grow spiritually and relationally as they intentionally focus on what it means to follow Jesus.


    Sundays @5pm

    Leaders: Ryan & Heidi McDow

    Where: The McDow's House (Woodridge Estates on FM 720)

    Everyone needs a home team, a group of people who are your people. Join this group and you will find real people who are deeply committed to our God and supporting one another in daily life. This can be your home team! Email Ryan McDow to join!


    Wednesdays @6:30pm

    Leaders: Chris & Tiffany Hall

    Where: The Hall's House (Union Park)

    Come and recharge with a group of people who are honest about who they are, where they come from, and the real junk that life throws at you. If you're looking for a fun group of people who will accept you for who you are and who love to talk about the complexities of life, this is a group that you will love! You are not alone. Email Tiffany Hall to join!


    2nd & 4th Sundays @6pm

    Leader: Kim Eiffert

    Location: Rotates between member's houses

    Our faith is not only for Sundays or when we are with “Church Friends.” Our faith guides decisions, politics, parenting, and how we view the world. God doesn’t separate the sacred from the secular. We are better Christians when we see God in art, music, culture, literature and the face of our fellow humans. This group is a place to celebrate these everyday sacred moments and to challenge us to not separate “God’s time” from “our time.” Email Kim Eiffert to join!


    2nd & 4th Sundays @noon

    Leader: Lisa Smith

    Location: Grace Chapel

    We can’t control everything, life happens on its own terms. This group tries to foster relationships with family, church, and God so that we have love, support, and a family of faith when life happens. We eat lunch together after the 11am worship service, and then share in a rich discussion of the Bible or a common challenge we all face. Email Lisa Smith to join!


    3rd Sunday of the month

    Leader: Nancy Konecki

    Location: Grace Chapel

    Anyone over 50 is invited to be a part of this group! These couples and singles meet in various locations for dinner or other events. This group does “field trips” on occasion because they like to go do fun things together. Come meet new friends and explore our community together! Life is better when you have a family of faith to share it with. Email Nancy Konecki to join!

Seminary Abridged

Looking for a deeper dive into faith? Ever wanted to go to seminary? Looking for a study that only lasts a few weeks? We’ve got you covered! Pastor Alex teaches a series of mini-courses covering a variety of topics throughout the year. Some are discussion based, some are lecture based, but every class is only 3-5 weeks long and free!


Financial Peace University

Planning for the future is hard when you’re still paying for the past! Listen—there’s a better way! sign up for our Financial Peace University class, and we’ll learn how to beat debt and make a plan for the future . . . together!

We typically offer this class once or twice a year. Our last one was in the Fall of 2019.

Check back in for the next available class!

Book Club

We meet at a member’s home to discuss the book of the month and enjoy each other’s company. Everyone is welcome, members of Grace Chapel, friends, neighbors, or anyone who just enjoys reading!

Check out our Facebook group for more information!