Discipleship Commitments 2022

During our 2022 Stewardship campaign we are asking people to look at their discipleship holistically.  How will you grow in every aspect of your commitment to God and to our church.  How will you Gather, Grow, Go, Guide, and Give in 2022?

Take some time to prayerfully consider the lists of opportunities at Grace Chapel in each of the categories below.  Ask yourself where God is calling you this year and then click the link below to make those commitments.  These are your commitments and are intended to help you grow in your relationship with God, yourself, and your neighbors.  Your church family is here to help you on this journey so we may be reaching out to help you get connected as needed to meet your goals.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to Pastor Courtney at courtney@grace380.org.  


An important part of our faith engagement is to gather in worship and fellowship with other people seeking to follow Jesus. 

Opportunities to GATHER include:

Sunday Morning Worship

Life Group Fellowship Events

Empty Nesters Events

Men’s & Women’s Events

Meat Ministry

All Church Activities
Chili Cook Off

Family Ministry Socials

Summer Kick Off

Back to School Bash

Family Advent Night

For Our Students

UMYF on Sundays
Midweek Gatherings


For our Children


Children’s Chapel

Family Fun Nights


One of our values at Grace Chapel is to ASK QUESTIONS. We hope to be a community where we all find opportunities to ask questions and engage in conversation 

about God, our faith, and our scriptures

Opportunities to GROW include:

Life Group Participation

Pastor’s Bible Studies

Morning Prayer Group

Prayer Team Meetings

For Our Students

UMYF on Sundays

Midwinter Camp

Summer Camp


For our Children

Camp Bible

Children’s Chapel

Summer Camp


At Grace Chapel we encourage everyone to CREATE GOOD in our world. We know our faith can and should be expressed tangibly in our world. Each of us can grow on our faith journeys by serving in hands on ministry during the year.

Opportunities to GO include:

Power Packs Team

Church Work Days

Operación Abrigo Trips

Family Mission Nights

Meat Ministry 

Youth Mission Trip

Community Garden Team

Cornerstone Partnership


Jesus called us all not only to be disciples but also to make disciples. One way we grow on our faith journeys is to help others grow on their own. Serving in a leadership role within the church empowers us to continue our ministry – helping everyone find a spiritual home. 

Opportunities to GUIDE include:

Hospitality Team

Communion Steward


Worship Band 

Nursery Worker

Children’s Chapel Teacher 

Meat Ministry

Life Group Leader

Leadership Board Member

Children & Youth Camp Counselor

Bible Study Leader

GO Ministry Leader 

Meet-up Group Leader


Our mission at Grace Chapel is to eradicate homelessness in whatever form it presents itself. We believe every person deserves a physical home, a spiritual home, and an emotional home. Every time we make an offering of our fiscal resources to God through the ministry of the church, we empower our faith community to seek our mission. God calls us again and again, throughout scripture, to tithe our resources – to give the first fruits of what we earn back to God. Everything that happens at Grace Chapel, from worship to buildings to bible studies to programs, is funded by the generosity of the faith community. Deepening our discipleship means practicing our faith in our finances.

Opportunities to GIVE include:

Making an intentional giving plan – 

giving to the ministry fund regularly throughout the year

Offering a tithe (10% of your income) to

God through the ministry fund

Making donations to GO ministries

Providing scholarships for mission trip participants

Contributing to the

Home for Good, Grace for All campaign