Our mission is to eradicate homelessness in whatever form it presents itself.

We believe that everyone needs a spiritual home, an emotional home, and a physical home. It is our mission to help people find home in their lives, and to know that they are not alone. All created beings find their home in God and we believe God’s grace provides our ultimate sense of home through eternal and abundant living as promised by Jesus Christ. We are all connected as part of God’s creation. As long as homelessness exists in any form, we all suffer the pain and shoulder the responsibility.

The three houses in our logo represent the three forms of homelessness that we strive to eradicate. 

A Spiritual Home

As Christians our spiritual home is called “church”. It is not simply a place of attendance and observation, but rather a place of belonging and engagement. In this way, church is our touchstone or “home base” from which we encounter the larger world. The church is a means of grace.

This is why we are constantly inviting others to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through the church. All of our church experiences, church groups, church programs and church buildings are tools for creating a community of faith. We are, therefore, compelled to care for one another as a congregation, but also constantly open the “doors” wider to those who are without a “church” home.

An Emotional Home

Human life is often torn apart because of loneliness and fear. When people are not emotionally safe they will lash out and attack without provocation. Others withdraw into states of despair and depression. Our experience teaches us that loved people love and hurt people hurt. When people have an emotional home, they thrive in their sense of well-being and vocation.

As followers of Christ we seek to comfort those in distress, heal the brokenhearted, befriend the downcast, and welcome the stranger. We will stand in solidarity with those who have been neglected, abused, bullied, and oppressed. We will protect and advocate for those in our society who are most vulnerable including children and the elderly; the disabled and the disadvantaged. We will seek to share love, kindness, and mutual respect with everyone including those who are different than us. We will learn about and promote mental health and well-being.

A Physical Home

The physical need for shelter is one of the most basic of all human requirements. A physical home is not a luxury but a necessity. Physical homelessness tears at the fabric of any society.

The compassionate and justice-seeking example of Jesus drives us to eliminate physical homelessness. Many in our community and world do not have a physical structure in which to live. Some have lost their homes in natural disasters and untimely accidents. Some live in structures that are in total disrepair. Some have been driven out of their homes by war, conflict and violence, and all of us must be aware of the condition of our planet which we collectively call home. Through faith we must claim that we have the capacity and resourcefulness to address the problem of physical homelessness.